Help Get Mainers in Rural Areas Online Now!

For too many, fast, reliable internet service remains out of reach because of the high cost of expanding internet infrastructure into rural areas.

Our local communities have a historic opportunity to use federal funding to close the digital divide for good, but some are considering building and operating their own duplicative, multi-million-dollar internet network that would:

  • Take years to build 
  • Put tax dollars at risk
  • Distract from bigger priorities 
  • Leave the underlying problem unsolved

High-quality internet is available for most Mainers and we can quickly expand these existing networks to ensure every resident in rural areas gets connected, but it only works with the right solution.

By signing this petition, I am asking Maine leaders to oppose duplicative, costly municipal broadband networks and instead:

  1. Partner with existing internet service providers 
  2. Highlight existing low-cost internet service programs
  3. Provide computers to families in need
  4. Invest in digital literacy training programs for families and seniors

It’s time to ensure every Mainer is connected!

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