It’s time to close the digital divide in Maine.

Take Action, Maine

We finally have the resources available to address the problems comprehensively, but we need your help to ensure the right solutions close the right gaps to get all Mainers online.

Take action by sharing your contact information below and sending a letter to your local government urging them to help connect families in need now.

The importance of being connected to high-quality internet service cannot be overstated, and our community has significant connectivity resources available:

The vast majority of Mainers have high-quality providers available – in fact, BroadbandNow says 95% of Maine residents have access to a wired connection with speeds of 25 Mbps or faster.

Eligible low-income families can now access this high-quality internet for free with the federal broadband benefit available through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Yet too many families, particularly in rural areas of Maine, remain unconnected – these are the areas where state and federal funds should be invested, especially as the new Maine Connectivity Authority starts dispersing these funds.

Our local communities have a historic opportunity to use federal funding to invest in the right solutions to close the right gaps that will bridge the digital divide for the long term.

Unfortunately, some communities are considering plans to build and operate their own duplicative internet network, which would take years to develop and deploy and needlessly saddle taxpayers with tens of millions of dollars in unnecessary costs – all to implement the wrong “solution,” likely leaving those who need help most still unconnected.

Mainers deserve better.

Local internet providers have already invested hundreds of millions to deploy high-quality internet infrastructure that covers the vast majority of our communities.

Our local leaders have the opportunity to work with these providers to get unconnected families online using the highest-quality internet networks available in a matter of weeks, not years, with no risk to taxpayers – a solution that will work (and cost millions less than a duplicative system).

We Need Your Help:

Call on your local elected leaders to deploy the right solutions and close the right gaps to connect our communities the right way!

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