Oppose Southport’s Risky Government-Owned Broadband Project

Major victory for Southport families and taxpayers:

Nearly 1 in 4 Southport residents have already signed a petition calling for a revote… why?

A $2.1 million taxpayer-funded, debt-producing plan would force Southport to build a wasteful, duplicative broadband network.

In spite of all the money spent thus far, only a fraction of those needed for the project to break even financially have actually signed up for service.

The $2.1 million broadband bond proposal is equivalent to more than half of Southport’s 2022 budget.

Southport taxpayers will be responsible for any budget shortfall and services like road maintenance and emergency services could face cuts.

Existing providers have recently offered to expand coverage to the 20 or so currently-unserved households in more rural parts of the community at no cost to the town.

Thanks to petitions circulated by Southport residents this spring, you have the chance to protect Southport from this risky, failing project.

On June 28th, Oppose Southport’s Government-Owned Broadband Project

Vote “YES” on Article 2

Vote “NO” on Article 3

Get the Facts About Southport’s Government-Owned Broadband Project:

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